Bringing Change

As a job seeker, we offer each individual a chance to create their own portfolio with the ability to register their CSCS qualification. Job seekers will then be able to build their profile with completed jobs and courses along with the option to rate the companies they have worked for. Each listing will include the price for the job/location/company details etc. A Day's Work enables a quick and easy way to find work at short notice.


For All your Staffing Soultions

We offer some of the cheapest rates in the industry for job advertisements specifically in the construction industry. Starting from as little as £50 a month, companies can post unlimited roles on A Days Work. We also offer packages for advertising and for course listings. Companies can post jobs with full specifications and rates as well as make full use of their membership by utilising our directory of skilled workers. We can help source workers for all construction sites regardless of location, whether it be London or the north of England. Join now and see just how well we can help your workforce.



Daniel Watkins

Founder & CEO

Daniel has extensive experience in the construction industry, and as a business owner and employer has recognised the need to create a low-cost, flexible and easy to use platform that will help bring together employers and tradespeople. His mission is to make disruptive change and revolutionise the construction recruitment industry.

The construction industry is characterised by an ever changing demand for the ready and flexible availability of workforce, jobs are often cancelled or workers required at short notice .  A Days Work offers a job search function for individuals, allowing them to scan for roles at the last minute and at no charge. It also provides an industry-specific platform for networking and links individuals to additional training opportunities.